Three Seductive Pieces and How to Pull Them Off!

Buying lingerie in Canada or choosing to buy lingerie online in Canada is an interesting deal. We get to the store online or at a physical location, we find a few pieces we think we like, we select them and pay for them.  We get home only to find that we are stuck because they just aren’t as flattering on us as they were on the mannequin or the models in the pictures.

Firstly, its important to note that mannequins are just that, inanimate models. They do not have body fat or structure, and they are shaped to reflect one specific body type that most women do not relate to. Also, online models, are also just that, models. They diet and are dressed and styled to look a certain way. Do not fret if you are not a picture-perfect copy of what you see on the mannequin or model.

Now, even with that mental note some lingerie just doesn’t pop as fabulously alone as they would when properly styled. Here are three seductive pieces and how to style them.

The Lassuria High Apex Velvet Lunge Bra from Anya lust is a perfect tease bra, designed with a floral print this tulle and velvet bra is perfect for all occasions especially one for seduction and is available in sizes 32B to 36D. The perfect thing about styling this is that it comes with a matching garter and panty set but with a separate sale of $225 it is no surprise that pairing may be out of the question for some. I recommend a black lace thong and some sheer stockings. Switch those stockings for pantyhose if you are more body-conscious. Some three-inch stilettos will add length and bring out the pairing better.

Fleur du mal released the more affordable Luxe Triangle Bra for $98 only. This silk number is a perfect blend of practical and glamorous. This comes in six colors that range from black, and tan to a rose quartz, and tiger, and sizes XS to L. This sophisticated number is a must-have. I personally like this number because it can be worn as a bralette paired with a pantsuit or pencil skirt for a more formal occasion or styled with a silk thong and garter for a more provocative evening. Either way, this bra looks champagne ready.

SavageX Fenty is the new brand extension of the Fenty empire owned by Robyn Rihanna Fenty. The company made waves for its diverse modeling catalog and continues to stun at extremely affordable prices. The Geo Mesh Teddy certainly doesn’t disappoint, at $64 this teddy is comfortably body hugging while reveling the intimate sections through teasing mesh material. With two colors to choose from and sizes that range from XS to XL, stunning is the word for this look. It can be paired with some jeans and jacket for a casual day out and styled with a harness and lace stockings for a night of seduction.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Which of these can’t you wait to try on?

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