The bedroom Date;

Everyone wants love and compassion, but what happens when you find it and start to lose the passion? Being in a sexual relationship requires just as much attention and dedication to xx activities as any other component of the relationship.

However, things such as price or even time can be factors that hinder our ability to plan, and not everyone can afford a professional date planner. And really how long much longer will your go-to teddy lingerie serve as a date replacement?

This is where the bedroom date comes in handy;  Simple and intimate this is one of the easiest and least pricy. You will need clean sheets, some candles, access to your partner’s favorite playlist and a not too spicy meal. How does it come together?

Candles. Place the candles around the room, I always advice using battery-powered candles to avoid fire hazards, (a great trick is to let a scented candle burn while you set up the room and put it out once everything is in place, this way your room retains the scent and feel of real candles).

You will want clean neutral-toned sheets; these are great because they eliminate distractions and allow for free-flowing energy.

Music. The use of a streaming site or cd, whichever is handier to play your partner’s favorite music is a sign that you care about their likes. To make your seduction a success, switch it up to more sensual music as the night goes on-digital playlists are great at this and don’t require much time or focus after hitting play.

A simple meal, or snacks. While seduction is your goal, you don’t want your partner feeling like that is the only time your effort is peaked. A simple meal or some snacks are great ways to have a fun emotional connection before getting on with the xx part of the night. You want to avoid overly spicy food to prevent any less than pleasurable accidents occurring.

The benefit to this date is everything takes place in the bedroom, making for a sweet and easy transition to sexy time. Good luck!

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