Teddy Clothing: the dos and don’ts

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another week’s post on Art of Seduction Talk. Today we’re going to be focusing on a special piece of sexy lingerie: the sexy teddy.

While a teddy is arguably the most traditional lingerie piece (it is a classic, after all), this little number doesn’t have to be reserved just for the bedroom. There is a trend of underwear as outerwear, and teddy lingerie is no exception to this rule. However, if you’re going to wear teddies out in public, there are some rules you should follow. Here’s three.

1. Pick a teddy that suits your body. If you don’t normally wear black mesh outfits in public, steer away from that sort of teddy. A gentler, lace teddy of lighter color would suit you best.

2. Don’t be afraid to dress your teddy clothing down. More skin isn’t better when you wear lingerie in public. Aim to wear either high-waisted jeans or skirts with this piece of sensual lingerie. While wearing a sexy teddy in public can make you more alluring, showing too much skin can make you seem low-class.

3. Choose a teddy that fits your every day style. You’re already making a statement by wearing underwear as outerwear;r you don’t need to go crazy with the rest of your look. Besides, you’ll feel more comfortable in an ensemble that resembles what you’d wear most of the time, anyway. Let your teddy do the talking for you.

And, please, remember that you don’t have to act any different just because you’re wearing lingerie in public. Underwear as outerwear is perfectly natural, and wearing a sexy teddy out can be perfectly natural too.

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