One piece lingerie (the red series)

Hello, everyone, and welcome again to Art of Seduction Talk.

In the “Red” series, I’ll be showing you how to pair one piece lingerie with red clothing. Not feeling the red? That’s okay, loves — substitute another color, but know that this post is intended to capture the sexiest color of all.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: while your personality is an important asset, seduction starts with your appearance. No one has to know you’re wearing lingerie, but if you feel sexier that way, you’ll act sexier. And that’s what will catch a man’s attention.

Be feminine. Be confident.

Your outfit is key when you seduce a man. He might not notice each minute detail, but he will notice that overall effect. Choose an outfit suited to your body type. I prefer dresses because they capture an air of femininity, are easy to wear, and show off curves well without being too flashy. As a bonus, one piece kinky lingerie pairs very well with dresses.

One piece lingerie can be erotic or it can be fine, but it is always sexy. The usual looks for this attire are a bodysuit or teddy. There are pros and cons to both:

A sexy teddy.

  • Very form-fitting.
  • A traditional lingerie piece. Often used for boudoir shoots.
  • Comes in many styles, but doesn’t offer much detail due to being a classic sexy lingerie look.

A lace bodysuit.

  • High-cut legs.
  • Doubles as both underwear and lingerie. Functional.
  • Because of the above detail, bodysuit lingerie might rely more on drama and details to really showcase itself as sexy lingerie. There’s nothing wrong with this; whether someone likes this is up to the individual.

Thanks to those last few details, I personally prefer a sexy teddy. Bodysuits are great, too, but teddies go well with clothing (and especially well with a knee-length or above red dress). When people think “one piece,” they tend to think of swimwear. Don’t. One piece sensual lingerie is a viable form of sex appeal and it’s an understated asset in everyday seduction.

Want more? Keep an eye out for more next week…

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