Animal Sex Role Play

Yes, we know what you’re thinking…bestiality is gross and it’s not even legal in most parts of the world. And just to make you feel a little better, this article is not going to advocate sex with animals.

Here we are about taking the spirit of the animal and bringing it into the bedroom. It’s about having sex with the abandon that only animals can experience.

In order to do that, you really have to get into animal mode and totally embrace your sex role play ideas. One way to do this is to wear animal print lingerie.

Another way to do this is to wear an animal tail butt plug. These are butt plugs that have an animal tail at the end so, when inserted, they look as if the wearer actually has a tail. There are fox tail butt plugs, rabbit tail butt plugs and more.

More than just bringing an animal vibe into the bedroom, butt plugs can work to enhance the sexual experience in many ways. When a woman wears one, it tightens her pussy making sex more pleasurable for both her and her man. It can also provide the feeling of double penetration to make things more exciting.

Butt plugs can also be worn by either a man or a woman to warm them up for anal sex.

Sex should be animalistic and these roleplay ideas can help you to unleash the beast. What will you be doing in the bedroom to make the sex you’re having more exciting?

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